Local Tours: Sept/Oct

Chinatown Food & Heritage: September 6

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Chinatown street dining

TIME: 9:30 am – 1 pm
PLACE: Chinatown MRT, Exit A (Pagoda Street)
COST: $47 Member,
$58 Guest

Fascinated about the delicious looking food the locals are wolfing down? What bout all the interesting and sometimes scary looking produce you see at the markets? Come on this tour where you get to sample yummy local delights, hear our guide share the history of Singapore street food and the many ways local coffee can be served.

After filling your tummy, we will head to the “wet” market to see the wonderful array of fruits and vegetables, interesting “live” produce and learn about different Chinese dried goods and spices. We then hit the streets to learn about the history and heritage brands of this very historical district.

Finally, for lunch (at own expense), we end up at one of the Singapore’s most famous hawker centers where it’s said famous chefs eat whenever visiting Singapore. Please be aware that food samples may contain pork, seafood, nuts or other allergens.

Shiok: September 13

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In Singapore, we say SHIOK to express delight when food tastes great. Join us for a Singapore Food tour to some of the most popular local food places. Discover favorite local delights with our heritage guide, as she entertains us with stories linked to the food.

Visit Geylang market to check out the produce and traditional Malay kueh kueh (snacks). Onward to Joo Chiat, food paradise of the east, to see how spring roll wrappers and kueh pie ti are painstakingly made by hand. Learn about the historical origin of spring rolls and taste a freshly made spring roll. Then we go in search of the best original Katong Laksa – delicious rice noodles in rich coconut gravy; learn about the infamous laksa war. We end our trail with a visit to a popular fruit street stand in the infamous red-light district of Geylang.

What is a food tour without tasting these Singapore specialties? The tastes are included and drinks can be purchased from a local vendor. Join us to learn when to shout SHIOK!


TIME: 9 am – 1 pm
PLACE: Newton Hawker Centre ar Park
COST: $84 Member,
$100 Guest

Foodie Adventure/A Taste of Malay: September 21

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TIME: 9 am – 12:30 pm
PLACE: One Farrer Hotel & Spa Cooking Studio, 1 Farrer Park Station Road
COST: $98 Member,
$125 Guest

Enjoy learning about Singapore’s food traditions & history in our cultural cuisine tours, organized in partnership with One Farrer Hotel.
In the company of our “foodie” guide plus One Farrer’s chef, you will first visit one of Singapore’s most iconic markets to learn about the ingredients which give character to our local cuisine and how to choose them.
Take the MRT back to the Hotel for refreshments followed by a tour of the hotel’s private rooftop Farm – actually on the 7th floor of this magnificent facility with amazing views over Little India. There you will handpick fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs to bring to the cooking studio where you will participate in a cooking demonstration, make your own dishes, and then savor the “fruits of your labor” at the end of the session. You will learn how to prepare 3 delicious Malay dishes.

Tiong Bahru Amble on Monkey Gods Birthday: September 25

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Everyone loves the old world charm of Tiong Bahru – CNN Travel thinks it is ‘Singapore’s hippest hood’ and Travel and Leisure Magazine deems it as ‘Singapore’s most charming neighborhood.’ 

Come on this walk to learn why this area was once called the “Hollywood of Singapore.” Visit one of the oldest temples in Singapore and learn about the man who donated the land for this temple.  
Hear about the fascinating hobby of ‘Bird Singing.’ Next, we’ll stop by the locations to see the “new” and “old” bird singing corners. Afterwards, we’ll have some tea at the famous Tiong Bahru Market where we can also sample some delicious Hawker food. 

Towards the end of the walk, a treat awaits! It is the Monkey God’s birthday. His birthday always falls on the 16th day of the first Lunar month. In addition to opera singing, we’ll be able to enjoy the festivities planned for the day! Please join us on this ‘hip’ trip through Tiong Bahru and have fun celebrating the Monkey God’s birthday.

Dress Code: Please wear clothes that will cover the knees and shoulders. Also, as this is a walking tour, please wear comfortable shoes.  

TIME: 3 pm – 6 pm
PLACE: Lobby of Holiday Inn Atrium at the Junction of Havelock and Outram Road.
COST: $44 Member,
$54 Guest

Marina Bay Art Path: September 27

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Rain Oculus

TIME: 10 am – 11:30 am
PLACE: Rain Oculus Art Work at Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall.
COST: $22 Member,
$27 Guest

The Marina Bay Sands Art Path is a collection of large-scale art installations by internationally renowned artists handpicked by Marina Bay Sands’ design architect Moshe Safdie. Each project blurs the boundaries between art, science, architecture, and nature on a dramatic scale.  Art Outreach, a company whose mission is to increase visual art literacy and promote art appreciation in Singapore, will be your guide as you walk through the Marina Bay Sands hotel, mall, casino, and outdoor spaces, learning about these great works of art and the artists who created them.

Comparative Religions: Bahai and Sikhism: October 3

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Sikh Temple

TIME: 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
PLACE: Outram Mrt Exit G Above Ground
COST: $36 Member,
$45 Guest


We are very fortunate that here in Singapore, all faiths and races coexist harmoniously.  Much credit goes to the Inter Religious Organization which has been doing important work cultivating and promoting understanding between the different religions, through dialogue and various other events. Come on this tour to learn about two of the “youngest” religions, Bahai and Sikhism.  We will visit their places of worship and hear from the followers of the faiths about their beliefs and practices.  At the end of the tour, we can join the followers at the Sikh Temple and have a light vegetarian lunch. 

Bahai was established in 1863 by Baha u Llah in Iran, which was known as Persia then. The main tenet of the faith, is the essential worth of all religions and the unity and equality of all people. 

Sikhism, from the word Sikh, meaning “disciple”, originated in the Punjab region of India, around the end of the 15th century.  The fundamental beliefs, include the divine unity and equality of all humankind and to engage in selfless service and social justice for all. 
 *We will be traveling between the 2 places of worship by bus, so bring your  EZ Link Card.   

 *Please dress modestly with shoulders covered and knees covered and bring a scarf, as heads need to be covered at the Sikh Temple

On Foreign Soil: U.S. Embassy: October 5

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US embassy

TIME: 9:15 am – 12 noon
PLACE: Corner Entrance of Tanglin Mall (outside Starbucks)
COST: $10 Member,
$15 Guest

What goes on inside the US Embassy? What else do they do besides renew your passport?

This is your chance to get a peek behind the public entrance. Due to security, we are not allowed to tour the Embassy. We are however, allowed to leave the public area, and enter the “behind the scenes” general area. From there, we move on to the conference room where many Embassy meetings take place.  Here, the Community Liaison Officer or another staff member, will hold an information session for our group. We’ll learn about the many diverse roles played by the Embassy in support of U.S. Citizens on foreign soil. 
At the end of the tour, we will have a few minutes to visit the Embassy gift shop. You’ll find gifts bearing the United States Embassy Seal.  

U.S. and non-U.S. Citizens are welcome. 

Security requires that you provide us with your passport information one week prior to the tour, therefore, only registered tour participants will be allowed into the Embassy. Refunds for this tour cannot be given. 

Dress Code: Please respectfully wear business casual attire, no shorts, tank tops or flip flops.

An Evening "Vice" Walk Around Little India : October 18

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TIME: 6 pm – 9 pm
PLACE: Vagabond Club, 39 Syed Alwi Road
COST: $54 Member,
$64 Guest

Come along with us to explore another side of Little India, arguably the most authentic of Singapore’s heritage neighborhoods, and one that oozes history. 

Step off the beaten path and walk through a red light district, see where taxi girls and the Queen of Striptease strutted their stuff, learn about some grisly and gruesome stories set in the neighborhood, and much more… 

We will start our tour with a cocktail (or mocktail) at the fun and funky Vagabond Club, a gem of a boutique hotel with an extraordinarily eclectic art collection that we’ll also take a look at. 

Food and Neighborhood Explorer 2 : October 24

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TIME: 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
PLACE: Queenstown MRT (On Green Line WE19) in front of the control station after you tap out
COST: $48Member,
$60 Guest

This is the second part of a series of tours where we will explore the neighbourhoods of the various public housing or more commonly known as HDB (Housing and Development Board). 

In Singapore, 80% of the population live in public housing. To make it convenient for the residents of the area, there are many amenities accessible to them. You literally do not have to leave your estate to get most of what you need for your daily life. On this tour, we will walk around 2 HDB neighbourhoods to find out more about how the local folks live, shop and eat.

Our 1st stop is the oldest HDB development, though one would not have guessed it from the new apartments that are sprouting out. We will also be exploring 2 of the most desirable HBD developments, which is located right next to a park, and have won numerous architecture awards locally and internationally.

The 2nd part of the tour is where we join food loving Singaporeans to indulge in different foods from one of the most popular hawker centers around.  With our stomachs satiated, let’s discover the nooks and crannies of another award winning building which houses various volunteer welfare organizations.  There is a lovely cafe and shop run by one of the charities, where you can stay on (optional) for coffee and shop. 

The walking route around the neighbourhoods will be 1 km circumference of the MRT Station, so that it will be easier for you to go back and explore the area on your own.  
There will be lots of walking and we will be catching the MRT, so please put on comfortable shoes, bring an umbrella and a bottle of water and your EZ Link card. 

Little India : October 25 or 26

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TIME: 9 am – 12:30 pm
PLACE: Little India MRT (NE Line) Exit C
COST: $64 Member, $80 Guest


TIME: 5:15 pm – 9:15 pm
COST: $74 Member, $92 Guest
Limit: 14

Two opportunities to enjoy this “year-after-year” sold out tour!

During the “Festival of Lights” otherwise known as Deepavali, Little India is a community beaming with energy. Discover the colorful Indian culture through their folklore and customs as they prepare for this unique holiday! Join our guide and hear an anecdotal recount of Serangoon Road. Guaranteed to be a treat for your senses, this tour guides you through the buzzing streets of Little India, where you will stroll past flower garland makers stringing fragrant Jasmines and experience the exotic aromas and tastes of Indian food culture. During our food stop, we will enjoy some delectable Indian delicacies at a popular vegetarian restaurant while learning the art of Indian table etiquette. Finally, this tour would not be complete without diving into the festivities with a visit to a Hindu temple, unearthing the significance of Deepavali and the array of celebrations by diverse Indian communities. Don’t miss out on this enjoyable and immersive cultural experience as we journey through the Festival of Lights.

Please be aware that food samples may contain pork, seafood, nuts or other allergens.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact localtours@awasingapore.org.

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