The Best Places in Singapore to Find Coffee & Cocktails

Written by Silvia Fernandez – Photographs by Maureen Mai


I know what you think: Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay are for people who don’t live here. Yes, you are generally right. However, if you walk up river a little bit, you will find this Aussie cafe that has the feeling of a neighbourhood gathering place.  I would suggest sitting at the communal table and sipping any one of a number of coffees from other parts of the world prepared by expert hands.  The lunch menu is good and the cakes are excellent with a couple of gluten/dairy free options not to miss.

Great place to meet old friends or make new ones!

8 Rodyk Street, #01-03 Singapore 238216


We always think about Orchard Road as the ideal shopper’s paradise. That may be the extent of it for some, but I would like to show it to you in a different way. Recently, a friend mentioned the “secret hole in the wall” in the neighbourhood: the Horse’s Mouth Bar. The first surprise was its location in a shopping mall. It’s another example of how you can be surprised at any corner here in the Lion City. The Horse’s Mouth is found in a basement, where no sign, or at best, a disguised sign leads you through a nice passageway and a right turn to a …library?! Yes, this place feels more like a living room full of friends or acquaintances, and sports an exquisite Japanese style. You’ll find elegant Japanese touches and regional ingredients in every beverage. The bartender is certain to strike up an interesting conversation before suggesting a drink. I encourage you to follow this professional advice or let them create something new, customized for your refreshment.

583 Orchard Road #B1-39 Forum Shopping Mall, Singapore 238884

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