Written by and photographs by Jenni & Eric Lee

Bar.B.Q. Tonight
10 Roberts Lane, S. 218289

Signalling the end of summer is when the Webers and Green Eggs get a workout, incinerating burgers or turning sausages into charcoal. In Singapore, some of us just let the pros’ take over…BBQ staples like satay and chicken wings fanned and fawned over by your favorite hawkers.

Chomp Saturday lunch:
This month we go over to Little India to try a restaurant celebrating the bbq culture of Pakistan. Bar BQ Tonight is a Pakistani chain specializing in Pakistani cuisine with a focus on grilled meats. There are 14 locations worldwide with 2 in Singapore. We dove straight into the menu and debated on whether to go lamb, mutton, fish or chicken…being indecisive, we opted for the half bbq platter ($40) meant to feed 2 people but could easily have fed more. It came with a base of chicken biryani, grilled prawns, fish tikka, minced chicken kebab, lamb ribs and chicken tikka in 2 styles. All the food came nicely charred as BarBQ Tonight uses charcoal (old school!). The lamb ribs were truly outstanding and were “fall off the bone” tender. To add another dimension of flavor, coriander and a tamarind based chutney came with the meal. Seekh kebab (minced lamb) was tender, with a spicy but not too spicy flavor balance ($16).
Moving away from the bbq, the brain masala ($18) was also flavorful. If you’ve eaten sweetbreads both the texture and flavor are similar. Add cumin, tumeric and ginger and you have a rich spicy dish that goes perfectly with nan. There are vegetable dishes, but the focus is truly on meats – would you expect anything else, given the restaurant’s name?

Ambience & Decor:
Basic with colorful wall hangings, including some truck art.

What Others Are Saying:
4 out of 5 stars on Yelp and Google.
Although a few people felt that BBQ Tonight was not as good as the one in Karachi, Pakistan, others raved about the establishment. “Currently the best Pakistani food in Singapore,” “All the kababs are good, but I like especially their fish tikkas,” “The goat’s brain sounds a tad exotic, but tastes amazing,” “Lunch and dinner buffet is real deal,” “The brain masala is my all time favourite to go with the naan.”

Rant & Rave:
The prices were higher than expected, given the decor and service, but the food was tasty with quality ingredients. We would definitely go back for the brain masala!

Post-Meal Meanderings:
After a meal like that you really need a bit of a walk. We indulged in pistachio and mango kulfis (like dense ice cream) at Madura’s, across the street from Mustafa Centre – the perfect dessert after a massive protein feast. More consumption of calories necessitated more walking… hence, after losing our way in Mustafa Centre we walked to the gadget heaven of Sim Lim Square.

Happy Chomping and Shopping!

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