Written by Silvia Fernandez – Photographs by Maureen Mai

Junior The Pocket Bar 43 Tanjong Pagar Rd

The Tanjong Pagar neighbourhood has lots of options for dining and sipping cocktails and you can’t go wrong with what you choose, but there is a “new kid” on the block that is a lot of fun. Let me introduce you to Junior, the Pocket Bar, located in the back of the main road. You need to find a small sign with the name and enter a small room with a lot of character. The cocktail menu changes every six months and so far, they have explored themed drinks of Mexico and New Orleans through a modern version of classic drinks with a local twist in ingredients. The space allows for around 12 customers at any time, so be bold and strike up a conversation with one of the bartenders or fellow patrons to see what might be your next favourite drink. This can lead to a long exchange of ideas, so make sure you arrive before midnight because Junior is not “old” enough to have a license to be open into the wee hours.

Tiann’s Cafe 71 Seng Poh Road

Exploring Tiong Bahru? Trying to find a new experience? Well, this could be it. Facing the Tiong Bahru Wet Market is this small café with a lot of personality. Breakfast and lunch menus are delicious but the sweets, especially the cakes, are to gobble up without shame. They assure us that they make every meal from scratch with the best ingredients in the market and I believe that. One additional plus for this coffee place is the absence of refined sugar and wheat. For the coffee itself, there are many options so I suggest following the recommendations of the local experts behind the counter.

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