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TIME: 6:00pm – 9:30pm
PLACE: Bus Stop, BLK 149 along Jalan Bukit Merah
COST: $51 Member,
$64 Guest

Discover the fascinating and mysterious world of the Spirit Medium. Yes! Right here in trendy, cosmopolitan Singapore! This traditional, enigmatic practice of communicating with the gods through a medium still thrives in the Lion City.

Through our own “guide to the spirit guide,” we will be able to witness the medium enter into a trance while young and old devotees seek advice from him. Who knows? YOU might just want to step up and ask the Spirit Medium about your own fortunes!

But before we “fill our souls”, an interesting treat awaits us – home made Popiah! The thinly wrapped skin on this spring roll packages a celebration of flavors inside from fresh vegetables and special condiments. It’s a favorite snack among Singaporeans and on this tour, you’ll be able to make your own as well as eat them!

We will also have the opportunity to try some traditional Hokkien cuisine – a dish comprised of noodles and chicken and guaranteed to fortify you before facing the Spirit Medium!

Please note: Please wear comfortable shoes on this fun tour as it is a walking tour and we want your feet to be as happy as the rest of you will be!

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During the “Festival of Lights” otherwise known as Deepavali, Little India is a community beaming with energy. Discover the colorful Indian culture through their folklore and customs as they prepare for this unique holiday! Join our guide and hear an anecdotal recount of Serangoon Road. Guaranteed to be a treat for your senses, this tour guides you through the buzzing streets of Little India, where you will stroll past flower garland makers stringing fragrant Jasmines and experience the exotic aromas and tastes of Indian food culture. During our dinner stop, where beverages will be on your own, we will enjoy some delectable Indian delicacies at a popular vegetarian restaurant while learning the art of Indian table etiquette. Finally, this tour would not be complete without diving into the festivities?with?a visit to a Hindu temple, unearthing the significance of Deepavali and the array of celebrations by diverse Indian communities. Don’t miss out on this enjoyable and immersive cultural experience as we journey through the Festival of Lights.

Please be aware that food samples may contain pork, seafood, nuts or other allergens. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact localtours@awasingapore.org. Bring an umbrella and money for drinks.

Dress Code: To enter the temple, knees and shoulders must be covered.

TIME: 5:45pm – 9:15pm
PLACE: Little India MRT, Exit C
COST: $74 Member,
$93 Guest

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