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Written by and photographs provided by Jenni & Eric Lee

The Butcher’s Wife – 19 Yong Siak Street, SG 168650

When I heard that we were going to a restaurant with a “gluten-free” specialty, I have to admit I felt a bit disappointed. It had all the makings of mushy vegetable patties, salad and granola. In reality, the meal ended up being succulent, flavorful and chewy – just without the gluten.

The Butcher’s Wife is located in the gentrifying neighborhood of Tiong Bahru and nestled in one of the first streets that saw the ‘cafe-ication’ of the neighborhood, where Open Door Policy used to be. The restaurant is long and narrow with a modern bistro feel, providing an intimate and cozy setting. Counter seating is available in front of the open kitchen so you can see the ‘action,’ and tables line the length of the restaurant.

Chomp Friday night dinner:
We started off with a salad of heirloom tomatoes with burrata, pistachios and anchovies ($26), which provided a wild mix of toasty, nutty, acid and salt. Coupled with the gluten free focaccia, it made for a nice pairing of appetizers ($10), which was surprisingly airy with a familiar elasticity of ‘normal’ bread. The house recommendation of crispy pig ears ($17) was a porky, crunchy appetizer served with lettuce to wrap along with mayonnaise and pickles. Yum!

For main courses, the gluten free folks in our group went after the pasta options with delight. Pumpkin gnocchi was served traditionally with butter, parmesan and sage ($25). Crispy Brussels sprouts added texture and a savory, vegetal touch. Chestnut papardelle with an osso bucco ragu was a rich, beefy stew acting as a sauce for pasta ($29). Both pastas had the texture you would expect from pasta made from wheat. For the die-hard carnivore, the Onyx steak ($52) was first sous-vided to tenderize, and then seared to add the satisfying crust. The accompanying béarnaise sauce flavoring could have been turned up several notches though.

Come to The Butcher’s Wife expecting a filling and satisfying meal, whether gluten free or full. The menu was curated according to Chef Diego Jacquet’s style of exalted but ample comfort food. You won’t be disappointed unless you do really want pasty bean burgers and plant leaves!

What others are saying:
4.4 out of 5 stars on Google and TripAdvisor: “All 6 of us had an outstanding meal last night and only 1 requires gluten-free meals,” “Excellent service/staff, nice atmosphere,” “The bone marrow beef burger and the papardelle were yum,” “Gluten-free paradise,” “Green pea hummus and focaccia both pleased even the pickiest eater in our group”.

Pre/Post Meal:
You can indulge in ice cream at Creamier Handcrafted across the street, or browse books at Books Actually, an indie bookstore focusing on Singaporean books, and partake in coffee at Forty Hands. The Butcher’s Wife desserts are a treat but if a change of scenery for gluten free (and sugarless) dessert is in order, you can walk down to Tiann’s.
Happy chomping grounds!

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